Cruise ship speakers – Learn about YOUR world

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship speakers – Learn about YOUR world

Native village near Panama city on Seabourn Cruise

Native village near Panama city on a Crystal Cruise

I ran into this woman woman on an excursion I took we traversing the Panama Canal. It was a little native village on the north side of the Canal. She cracked me up. Looked very worn but a sage woman. I was a speaker and went on the excursion for free by escorting the tour. The ship had many tours and this one seemed pretty unusual.

Other tours included the old town Panama City..then the modern downtown with over 120 high rise buildings. Who would have guessed? Many Americans are escaping and retiring in Panama. I guess it’s a tax thing. 9 months of rainy season and I don’t mean “Seattle” rain – this is hard pounding jungle tropic rain.

Another neat tour is to the Mira Flores locks. They are on the Atlantic side of the traverse. There you can watch ships up close going through the locks and there is a fine museum with exhibits to amaze – describing how they build the canal. 22,000 French workers (from the East Indies) died and 4,000 Americans (also Caribbean men). Pus another 11,000 when the built the railroad across the isthmus in 1855. The canal was opened in 1914. A USA government project – done early and under budget. We hardly hear that anymore.

My point is that by being a cruise ship speaker, you can learn a lot about the world. We can show you how to enjoy the many benefits. Hit the HIRE US button and let’s engage.


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