Cruise lines asking for specific topics to be presented by speakers.

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise lines asking for specific topics to be presented by speakers.


It’s fun to be a cruise ship speaker…if you like the word FREE.  Hey, you can take another person along.

There is a small fee charged by the agencies, but if you qualify, you will be put into a database with your category of talks and you will then get notices of openings. You need to be alert since there are many others also qualified.

At SpeakOnCruises, we get many inquiries – and we get many folks onto ships.  So what are the lines looking for?  If you are a good public speaker and can make PowerPoints of your expertise, you are on the right track. Think InfoTainment. NOT a class.

man lecturing

SpeakOnCruises own rick deutsch speaking on NCL.

Destination speakers are really hot now. Lines need people to give the history, culture and unique information usually the day before. You are NOT selling tours nor do you parrot the travel guides. This is hard, but in high demand.

Special Interest speaking is the segment that most of us fit into. What do you know more about than most others?

You’ll need to be able to discuss your area of expertise in a fun, educating and entertaining manner. The door is wide-open when it comes to this position as numerous fields of study are applicable. What is your passion? We are seeing a strong pull for qualified experts in the following areas: Art, Film, Health, Music, Science, Theater and World Affairs. Make one up. I now teach Nordic Walking on a major cruise line.

While it’s a bonus if your talks mesh with the particular ports of call the ship goes to, it’s not a requirement.  But be aware that it’s better to have more generic talks – not tied to a region.  I speak on Machu Picchu, Galapagos and Panama . . . great for South American cruises, but these don’t work on a Mediterranean trip. But I also have talks that will play anywhere:  Aviation, UFOs, Genghis Kahn, Howard Hughes and Fitness to name a few.

So, Rick – Any other topics I should consider?

Again, WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT?  Your bio needs to support why they should select you. If you read two books on World War 2, this does not qualify you to speak on it. BUT if you are a retired Sergeant in the infantry, then you could talk about the development of weapons over the millennium.

How about opera, classical music, photography, marine life, wildlife, cooking, wine, art, movies, astronomy, lighthouses, animals, arts & crafts, earth science, medical, nutrition, computers, fashion, geology, astronomy, self – improvement, just to name a few.

Got it? Good. Now let’s get moving. Send us a comment to get the ball rolling. Talk to me.

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