A critique of SpeakOnCruises – student review

ByRick Deutsch

A critique of SpeakOnCruises – student review

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SpeakOnCruises teach how to get free trips

I recently taught the “How to become a Cruise ship speaker” seminar to Kendrick Uy. He is a young Canadian who writes a travel blog.  He then wrote an unbiased opinion of the class that we market per the HIRE US page of our site.  We’ve had literally hundreds inquire and dozens have landed gigs. Fro some reason, many people get excited, contact us then don’t respond to a courtesy reply. Go figure.


His negative was that I repeat topics too much. Fair enough. I probably do, since I love to talk and am enthusiastic about what we do. I like to stress home some points that I think are critical. We give the education needed to be ready to be accepted by a cruise line.

I go over the industry, the opportunities and the types of cruise lines – Ultra Luxury, Luxury, Contemporary, and Premium. Students can then decide what type of ship they want to taret….Kid vs few kids….all inclusive vs. pay as you go…Next is a discussion of the Destination and Enrichment types of talks they are looking for. We cover agencies and the three big things they are looking for….plus a ton more. AND  we offer post-seminar advice. We also have a consulting arrangement for those that might need a bit more focused help.

Uy was fair in his assessment and I accept that I do repeat. I’ll keep this in mind for future sessions.



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