Cayman Islands customers don’t want tendering – new pier to be built to allow berthing

ByRick Deutsch

Cayman Islands customers don’t want tendering – new pier to be built to allow berthing

The Cayman Islands are one of the gems of the Caribbean. There are three islands there. Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The last two are pretty well uninhabited and without the crunch of tourists that hang on the main island. That’s were all the hotels and honky-tonks are.

The place is beautiful. A bvreth of fresh air among Caribbean destinations.

The two main cruise ship lines visiting Cayman are Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruises. There represent over 80% of all trips to the islands.  It’s an easy jaunt from Miami across the short sea.

To allow easy access for passengers, both lines prefer to dock and not park out with the fishes and tender in. Both lines have made that clear.

Cayman's Seven Mile Beach

Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach

To keep them happy, the locals are pressed to build a $150 million cruise pier and terminal. The constant stream of ships dumps over 82% of all visitors tha arrive by sea. That’s a lot of spending on trinkets.

RC’s “XYZ of the Seas” fleet of mega ships can off-load much faster when attached to a dock. Can you imagine 6,000 people jamming down the ramps to get on tenders.  No… fa-getta-bout-it.

The President of Royal Caribbean was quoted as saying: “When Royal Caribbean International launched Oasis Class ships 6 years ago it was never intended that these vessels would be tendered. Royal has never tendered these ships and we have no plans for tendering them in the future.” i.e. “Stuff it.” (my words.)

Carnival may also take its toys and play in another court if they don’t get a dock to accommodate their fleet.

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Money talks…nobody walks.

It’s fun digging up this industry dirt. Keep your dial tuned to this station for more. Oh, and think about getting those free cruises by giving about 4 talks on stuff you are good at. We do that for a living. Contact us.


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