Is business class really worth the extra expense?

ByRick Deutsch

Is business class really worth the extra expense?

The wife and I recently had a cruise assignment from Chili to Antarctica then Argentina. It was a 23-dayer.  6 sea days in a row around the continent. Plus many others. We did not touch the “land” but if you are below 60 degrees, it counts as having been. We were down to 65 – yeah! So now I have been to all 7 continents.

We even saw penguins on the Falkland islands.

King Penguin

King Penguin

My wife decided that for this L O N G flight, she was NOT going to fly coach. We flew AeroMexico.  The routing was from SFO to LA to Mexico City to Valparaiso. Add them all up and you get close to 18  hours in the air. Plus the in-terminal connection time.

It’s pretty expensive. I said “no way” we’re spending that much.  I even suggested that she go business and I go coach. Then every 4 hours we swap. Dunno if the carriers allow that…but I’d do it.

Well, we went ahead and paid for business. Seems that planes are made now with Economy…. Economy PLUS… then a single “Premium” class that merges the old First and Business classes.

First the obvious.  Huge seats, way better food, small area for all the “rich people,” away form the rabble in the back, A/C outlets, big TV screens, USB charging slots, free “goodie bag” – BUT the big carrot is LAY FLAT seats.

I’m 6-2 and I fit. My head touched one end, and my soles the other….but it was heaven. I actually dreamt and soundly fell asleep. They even give you a hug blanket. Man, with earplugs, I was OUT.  I didn’t use my laptop and all, nor did I watch any of the zillion movies.

See some common destinations – these are old, but you will get the idea.

When we arrived, we were fully rested. We had a touch of jet lag but only because of the 5-hour time difference.  AND we are the first ones off the plane, so at the head of the Customs line.

We also got to use the Airline Lounge at the airports. Wow, free food, wifi, drinks..and in LAX – SHOWERS!!! Yup, with towels and boy did that make us feel alive.

As we finally got home, we both said we’ll do it again.


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