How big of a venue can I expect on the ship?

ByRick Deutsch

How big of a venue can I expect on the ship?

A large theater on an NCL cruise to Alaska.

A large theater on an NCL cruise to Alaska.

The size of the room you will be assigned to give your cruise ship speaking presentation will vary by a few factors.

1. The size of the ship. Gigantic ships (2500+) may host speakers in 500 person theaters. But there is too much going on in the pool, basketball courts, climbing walls etc. so the audience may not fill it. The middle size ships (Near 1,000) often have more than one speaker. So it maybe you will be in a theater or a ballroom.

I’ve done both. I even  was moved around and gave a talk in the bar. The line set up a screen, projector and speakers. I had about 7 and everyone was happy. Be flexible. Don’t worry about the size of the audience. If one person is happy, then the Cruise Director is happy.

2. There may be situations out of your control that draws people to another activity. Don’t be surprised if you trumped by Bridge or Bingo!  Go with the flow. A free cruise is a free cruise. Many people just want to sit by the pool and Kindle their lives away. Remember – your job is to entertain them.

I’ve even been on cruises where the CD told me that they had plenty of speakers and I only needed to do two!  But I want to speak!  On the other hand, on a Caribbean cruise, the weather was not good, so we missed two ports. The CD there asked me to give more. I had 10 on my laptop that I gave. I got great reviews!


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