You need to apply to become a Cruise Ship Speaker

ByRick Deutsch

You need to apply to become a Cruise Ship Speaker

We get a LOT of inquires on how to get free cruises on ships…just by giving about 4 talks.   After contacting us, of the many that inquire, some never follow up. And they contacted US. We didn’t solicit them. We don’t and won’t hustle “clients.”

Q – Hey Rick, does it really work? I mean, can I really get a free cruise?

A – Read our testimonials.  Yes, follow our consul and we’ll help you succeed. But it’s work – you have to be the expert on something. Or become one.  We get insight into the needs of the ships. This winter Pirate talks were all over the ships in the Caribbean.  Duh, write one.

It takes me almost 2 days to write one of my 50 talks. Do a term paper on Pirates – use wiki, YouTube, documentaries. Then learn enough to pass an oral exam.

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Cruise and see exotic sights

Bill and I are booked to go out soon. We just talk like you do. But we WANT to sail. How bad do you? We love speaking and taking our spouses to exotic places. But they don’t give these talks away to homeless guys on the street corner with a cardboard sign.

We teach it and we do it.  You can too. What is your passion? Talk about it to older people who are retired & on vacation. Make it so your grandmother can understand it. Image rich – NO bullets – get it? NO BULLETS. No notes – heck you are the expert – you know more about your topic than most.

We’re standing by to help. We don’t guarantee that you will get a cruise -that’s up to your hard work and talent.
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