5 Things you must bring on the ship as a speaker

ByRick Deutsch

5 Things you must bring on the ship as a speaker


Before you head to the airport to get to the departure port, there are some things you need to make sure you have packed. You will wish you had them if not. Don’t count on the ship to supply you with these tools. You need to be self-contained.


1. Your talk on a back-up thumb drive. If your laptop dies, you can always borrow one from another speaker.

2. A bright green laser pointer. The red ones do not put out enough light and the red often gets lost in your color photos.

3. Back up batteries. For your remote slide changer and laser pointer. Things die at the worst time.

4. A small analog clock. You must be offstage at the time the Cruise Director tells you to. Guests need to get to other activities and your venue may be needed for something else.

5. A handkerchief. You need to wipe your brow and forehead before going on stage to remove the shiny sweat reflection.

This is only a start. In our program we’ll clue you on other things you many have never thought about. Hint: A “Pearl Harbor kit.”


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