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Speaking on Cruise ships is fun and easy

Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises

I’ve been giving destination and enrichment talks on major cruise lines for over 7 years. After leaving  my computer marketing career  in Silicon Valley, I was able to live my passion – public speaking.  Now I can travel with my wife on free cruises anywhere the lines go.  We’ve been to Dubai, Luxor, Istanbul, Santorini and the list goes on.

Think you can do it?  You’ll need to give four talks on one genre when ships are at sea. Everyone is an expert at something. It can be your work, your hobby or any topic that is fun with a touch of education. Think InfoTainment. People on cruises are on vacation. They do not want to be saturated with talks that make them think too much. If so, you could be an Enrichment Speaker.

Maybe you have lived in foreign cities. Destination Speakers are in high demand. Can you give presentations on the ports that the ship sales to? Tell them the History, culture and tips on things to see.

After learning the process, I developed a method to getting booked. It’s not rocket science, but there are things you need to know how to do. I’m glad you found us and keep visiting us for insider info on speaking on cruise ships.

-Rick Deutsch, San Jose

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