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San Francisco to Alaska and Mexico Cruise Meetup

Our next MeetUp is at 7:30 pm on Monday Sept 23. We promise a lively meeting and networking opportunity. Our Guest Speaker is Madlen Mirzaian-Saddik. She is a leisure, luxury travel and cruise consultant. She has been a LOT of places and can give you a real world opinion of places, prices and lines. She’ll focus on trips out of San Francisco to Alaska and Mexico. It’s nice to depart from near home. 

We meet at the same place: Palo Alto Church of Christ, 3373 Middlefield Rd. No religion here – we just use the room.  

Please RSVP on our MeetUp site. 

See you there!        

SpeakOnCruises Team

ByRick Deutsch

Lifeboat drills can save your life; be sure to go.

Standard Life vest

Standard Life vest

When on a cruise, the most important thing you are going to do is attend the lifeboat drill. It’s mandatory, yet many just show up and go through it with glazed eyes. The recent crash of the Costa Concordia off Italy should wake up people to the importance of the briefing. Without a life vest, you can tread for maybe an hour. That is, if you are lucky and in your heated pool back home. Try floating in 55 degree water. Heck even in the tropics, if the water Is a warm 88 degrees – your body is at 98.6 and the heat will be sucked out of you.

So – know where your life vest is. Practice putting it on. Learn how to connect all the buckles and straps. Notice where the light is (it will come on in contact with the water). Notice where the whistle is. If you are floating away from the ship, your voice will only carry a few yards. The whistle will extend your call over several  hundred feet. And rehearse just where your “group” is to assemble.  The life you save might be your own.

ByRick Deutsch

Press Release – Cruise Ship Lovers

Contact: Public Relations Dept
San Jose, CA

SpeakOnCruises of Silicon Valley, CA announced an in-person MeetUp for August 26 in Palo Alto, CA. The MeetUp is for cruise ship lovers. Co-founders Bill Belew and Rick Deutsch will host the event designed for new and veteran cruisers to share their experiences. As of press time, nearly 100 people have registered for the MeetUp with half of those RSVPing to attend.

After the highly successful July session, the theme will focus on the Caribbean. Guest speakers will discuss the ins and outs of cruises, the advantages of visiting the islands and insider tips.

In addition to their MeetUp program, conducts group webinars, technical instruction on the tools speakers need master, individual webinars, and in-person  face-to-face consulting. Their website displays a robust blog with free information to visitors. Free white paper program is also available.

Belew and Deutsch are both worldwide travelers and have developed this unique offering to share their experience with candidate speakers. They have relations with industry agencies to assist in the placement of qualified speakers.

Media kits are available through the website CONTACT page.