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8 items to have in your Cruise Ship Lecturer’s Emergency Pearl Harbor Kit

This entry concludes our coverage of the little things that a professional speaker should make part of his/hers “must bring” suite of “stuff.”  It’s called a Pearl Harbor kit.

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This post summarizes in one place all the things you need to bring when you give talks on land or sea.

Put them into a zip lock bag and and take it with you. Add your own personal items. Some scotch tape, a pen, earbuds, cologne, batteries.

Here’s my proven list of items to snag and keep in your briefcase.

1. Good image capture device.   Recommended:  Nikon COOLPIX L620

2. Back up Flash Drive.   Recommended:  PNY 16 GB drive

3. Earplugs.  RecommendedHearos Earplugs High Fidelity Series

4. Bright Green Laser Pointer. Recommended: Green Laser Pointer

5. Small Analog clock  Recommended:  Casio TQ-140 mini clock

6. Tiny scissors  Recommended:  Mini scissors

7. Three prong outlet adapter Recommended:  GE 2-pack adapters

8. Digital recorder  Recommended:  Olympus WS-801

What’s in your Pearl Harbor Kit?

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ByRick Deutsch

The one ultimate MUST HAVE for professional speakers | Pearl Harbor Kit

We have talked a lot about things you MUST bring to all your talks. Little things that will save your bacon and prevent embarrassment as you give your required presentation.  I call it a Pearl Harbor kit. We are now over 70 years away from that fateful day in 1941 when the Japanese attacked the Hawaiian Islands. Yes, the USA was unprepared. I use that model to tress that YOU, a professional speaker not get caught unprepared.

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Today I will implore you to get this one gizmo that all speakers worth their salt have. I don’t; want you to be dependent on anyone. The one critical item?  A PowerPoint Slide changer. The industry calls them “Wireless Presenters” Don;’ depend on the staff to give you one….they may – and the batteries may be dead. Or it may have been dropped and not work properly. Or they can’t find it after Dr Dre used it last week.

GET YOUR OWN!  This unit is bullet proof: The SIIG Wireless Presenter, their model CE-WR0012-S1. It hums at 2.4 GZ and is an RF (Radio Frequency) device. This means it’s secure from interference and is not line of sight. So you can move all over the room. Range is a solid 50 feet. It uses one AAA battery. ALWAYS put in a fresh one before an important talk.

Like many slide changers, the SIIG does include a red laser pointer. Don’t bother. Read up on our discussion on why you need to get a bright GREEN laser. These wimpy red ones just don;t put out enough to be useful.  Both of your hosts, Rick and Bill, use this model….not by design, but we both did the research and picked it independently. (A harmonic convergence?)

Click to get yours => SIIG Wireless Presenter



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ByRick Deutsch

Speakers on ships: Medical care is there in case of emergencies

We talked about some medical emergencies and the real world. People do get ill. When you may have well over 2,000 people of all ages and medical condition sailing for 2 weeks, the odds are a few will need emergency treatment.

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On a recent speaking trip on Crystal Cruises, I poked around to see what the medical room was all about. Like most ships, they a have a full time medical doctor on board.  They are not staff, but sail for free, just like us speakers. The “clinic” is well able to take care of most contingencies. There were a few “I gotta cold,”  “I have a cut,” or “I need seasick pills” type cases. Don’t expect to see X-Ray machines or other heavy duty equipment. Many ships have a small operating room that they can take care of appendectomies, set bones and other small operations. Usually, it’s best to off load the patient at the next port that will have a full emergency room to deal with heart, lung, kidney, pancreas, etc problems.

A "real" doctor will be on every cruise

A “real” doctor will be on every cruise

Now, even if you are a healthy specimen….”stuff” happens. As a speaker, you are both kinda crew and passenger. During your application you will need to provide proof (copies) of you health insurance.AND it has to also cover you internationally. If you are treated off ship, make sure your credit card is with you as you will have to pay then work with your insurance to get reimbursed.

And a bit of the macabre. With so many seniors taking their dram vacation, don’t be alarmed if one or two die during the cruise. Death is part of living. On mega ships of 4,000 – 5,000 passengers, like a small city, the Grim Reaper may also have a boarding pass.
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