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Cruise ship speakers: More tools for your Pearl Harbor Kit

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We’ve talked a lot about those little things that a speaker needs to have in a zip lock bag that come in very handy when giving lectures on cruise ships. A Pearl Harbor Kit. Today I want to mention a teeny tiny flashlight.

I was talking on a Princess cruise a few years ago. I had my laser pointer and slide clicker on the podium. When I was introduced and came up from the back of the room, I adjusted the dias…then DONK – the slide clicker fell to the floor. It was pitch dark. I coudl not quickly find it. The audience of 50 had no idea what was going on as I searched the dark floor in vain.  I had no choice but to move on and hand-advance the slides. It worked but it kept me anchored to the podium.

The solution? When I got home I got a decent flashlight. I bought a little one with one AAA battery  just for these kind of emergencies. i am not talking about a huge multi-AA cell model. You want a small one that will fit into your zip-lock.

Flashlights are handy in dark venues

Flashlights are handy in dark venues

Here’s the one I chose. Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED FlashlightThis little guy has neat small caribiner so you can clip it to a belt loop to keep it handy when on stage. For less than $7.00 you get 100,000 hours of use and up to 8 hours of battery life. The flashlight is less than an inch and a half long. Follow the link and take the worry out of life. Easy internet shopping. Be prepared!

Click to get yours => Tiny Flashlight


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ByRick Deutsch

Coming: Orientation to Cruise ship Speaking

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Orientation Webinar

Thursday December 19, 12 noon Pacific Time

Learn how to sail for FREE by speaking

Learn how to sail for FREE by speaking

SpeakOnCruises will be hosting a courtesy orientation to the world of traveling for FREE on cruise ships. Cruise lines are seeking skilled speakers to present Destination or Enrichment talks. Many professional, retired, or active individuals realize the benefits of being a speaker on cruise ships.

This brief group webinar will introduce you to the SpeakOnCruises team and present an overview of our program to secure an assignment. We are not an agency, but we have been speaking on ships for over 7 years and are able to help you understand the industry, the opportunities, how to get accepted and techniques needed to be rated highly. SpeakOnCruises can give you the tools to succeed.

We will record the webinar and send to everyone who registers – even if you are outside the USA or unable to hear the LIVE seminar. You will see and hear everything on the recording. We use GoToWebinar – it’s free for you. You’ll need to download their software. When you join the event – get on early as they need to check your system for compatibility.

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ByRick Deutsch

8 items to have in your Cruise Ship Lecturer’s Emergency Pearl Harbor Kit

This entry concludes our coverage of the little things that a professional speaker should make part of his/hers “must bring” suite of “stuff.”  It’s called a Pearl Harbor kit.

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This post summarizes in one place all the things you need to bring when you give talks on land or sea.

Put them into a zip lock bag and and take it with you. Add your own personal items. Some scotch tape, a pen, earbuds, cologne, batteries.

Here’s my proven list of items to snag and keep in your briefcase.

1. Good image capture device.   Recommended:  Nikon COOLPIX L620

2. Back up Flash Drive.   Recommended:  PNY 16 GB drive

3. Earplugs.  RecommendedHearos Earplugs High Fidelity Series

4. Bright Green Laser Pointer. Recommended: Green Laser Pointer

5. Small Analog clock  Recommended:  Casio TQ-140 mini clock

6. Tiny scissors  Recommended:  Mini scissors

7. Three prong outlet adapter Recommended:  GE 2-pack adapters

8. Digital recorder  Recommended:  Olympus WS-801

What’s in your Pearl Harbor Kit?

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