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Titanic Immersion Exhibit making the rounds – now in Australia

We’ve blogged a lot about the Titanic. The ship is favorite of cruise ship aficionados and the public at large. A topic I don’t speak about onboard, but it is a fascinating story. While there are other Titanic displays around the world, this one is worth checking out.

A company called Imagine Exhibitions is famous for their work on developing first class exhibits including ones on Jurassic Park, Downton Abbey and Body Worlds to name a few.

In an excellent project, they have reconstructed key parts of the ship that sank with 1500 lost lives. They have built a replica grand staircase, cabins and a deck among other things.


Replica Grand staircase

The exhibit features over 300 artifacts – real and replicas from the ship. The identical sister ship, the Olympic, and family members provided many of the real-deals.

A key attraction is a Virtual Reality tour of the ship that lies at 12,000 feet. They have stitched together  actual images to product a 3D view thru goggles.  A person can “see” what various areas looks like today!

VR hedset

VR “tour” of the Titanic at 12,000 feet

Another fun thing to enjoy are many of the props and costumes from the movie. These include Leo DiCaprio’s outfit and Kate Winslet’s dress.

The exhibition will be in Australia starting in April. Some of our clients live there. Take note.

It’s not known if/when the show will be in the USA. It takes a museum to allocate the funds to bring it and to assemble it all.  If we find out, we’ll tell you.

Like this kind of news? These are great stories to relate at lunch on your speaking cruises. Subscribe or check back – we post every Monday.


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ByRick Deutsch

Many openings this summer for Cruise ship speakers

Why take our class?  One 2-hr seminar to prepare you to get a free cruise for 2 by lecturing. It’s easy and hard.  We are seeing a lot of Alaska and Europe openings.

You found us, so you are probably very interested in how you can get one. We’ve done it over 10 years and have gone on over 30 cruises.

Easy – talk for 45 minutes maybe four times over a 1-2 week period. Talk about things you know. Things you know better than most people.   Your career, your hobby, your passion. Employ your pubic speaking skills. DONE!

Hard – You gotta know your stuff. Credentials, bio, and a video of you actually speaking to an audience. It need not be one of your actual talks- just to see how you come across.  You’re going to have to spend time. Do a term paper. Find sources. Rehearse. DONE

If you want, we’ll take you thru the process. We’ll even WRITE YOUR TALK!  We want you to succeed. We know you can succeed.  Dang it – Just Do It!!

man on segway

The Story of Segways – a great theme.

Still afraid?  We will give your money back if you are displeased with what we say we will do. We DO  NOT book you on cruises. You earn that with YOUR skill. We are not an agency or part of the cruise industry. BUT we can get you prepared to apply.

Check out our testimonials.  We have a lot of clients who are now – as we speak – sailing the Caribbean and Europe.

So there you are. Hire us. You found us – your best move this millennium!  Send us your thoughts below.   Classes starting the week of Jan 15, 2018.  One day – 2 hours.

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ByRick Deutsch

Great vacation sites are feeling the crunch of too many people

The towns are coming up with ideas to stem the flow of thousands descending upon their streets. It’s easy to forget that these place are not Disneyland.  Residents live there and need respect.

Amsterdam, is not allowing new souvenir stores or fast-food restaurants.

Barcelona is restricting the building of new vacation homes.

Venice is going to berth ships greater than 96,000 tons at a mainland port.

In northeastern Spain, the historic pilgrimage trail, called the “Way of St. James,”   is no longer a complepletive hike – parts are jammed with rude  tourists.


Be sure to visit Stonehenge on your way to Southampton

So who are the people descending on these places?  Americans make up the majority of cruisers. 10 million Germans hit the road on vacations last quarter. While about 24 million cruises go on ships, about 1.2 billion traveled overseas on other craft from their home.

In 2017, economy improvements globally afforded more to take big vacations. Europe essentially shuts down in August  — BAD time to go to there!

We’re loving these places to death. 7.5 billion heads and going up. My advice: See them NOW. Take a cruise. Speak on a cruise. Go for free. What are you waiting for?  We get many inquiries and never her back from people. Huh?

Take the leap – learn how to do it. Can you give 4 talks on a topic that is of interest to people on vacation?

What do you know more about than most people?

See you soon.  Seminars starting daily.

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