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Caribbean is Most Popular Cruise Destination Despite Hurricanes

Despite the recent hurricane blasts, people are still going to the Caribbean. A look at the statistics just out shows the affinity people have for the warm climate and sandy beaches. In 2016, about 1/3 of all cruises visited the islands.

Popularity of Caribbean Cruises

Popularity of Caribbean Cruises

After two recent massive hurricanes several islands got demolished. Most suffered flooding and extremely high winds, Puerto Rico is still “under water” – weeks after the deluge.

I, for one, will not attempt a trip down there from September through December. That is when you really need motion sickness pills. There are YouTube videos posted that show lower cabins actually going underwater!

Backgrounder: The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)

The next most popular destination is probably not a surprise – the Mediterranean. The region drew about 18% of the  market. Europe as a whole, settled in at 11%.  This was followed by Asia, South Pacific, Alaska and South America was in at 2%.

It seems odd, but Alaska came in at single digits.  That is a great cruise. They speak English and take American dollars! The season is just so short. First trips head out in May and the last stops about mid-September.  The scenery is incomparable.

During my speaking career, I have been up north three times.  The last one I skipped the tours and brought my hiking clothes and headed up into the hills. I have some great photos looking down at the ship.

Finally, I did notice that the Middle East is not even listed in the charts.  Must be in the 13% of “other”destinations. I know they are building up harbors to entertain world visitors.  We will be going soon to Abu Dhabi – Dubai – Mumbai – Phuket and Singapore.  Can’t wait.

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ByBill Belew

Real ships; Real assignments for qualified speakers

If you’ve been patient and read through the rest of this website, you may ask: “But is it real? What cruises can I get placed on?” We are aware of  needs going out months and even into next year! All classes of ships – Budget to All-Inclusive need speakers.  Once you are vetted and blessed as a cruise ship speaker (that’s where we help), you may get assignments like these. They may be taken already, but this page is to show you THEY ARE OUT THERE! Check back – we post them as we find out.

NOTE: If you have the ability to take short-notice trips, you are in high demand. Sometimes a speaker has to cancel (it happened to me after a motorcycle accident).

ship at sea

A free cruise for 2 – for YOU!

Begin          End            Itinerary                Embark/Disembark       Topics Req

Mar 16 – Mar 26       P. Canal                             Ft Lauderdale RT                   5

Mar 20 – Mar 27       W. Carib                            Ft Lauderdale RT                  3

Mar 27 – Apr 3          E. Carib                             Ft Lauderdale RT                   3

Mar 23 – Apr 11        Aust/Asia                          Sydney/Singapore               13

Mar 24 – Apr 5          Asia                                     Fremantle/Singapore          7

Apr 4 – Apr 19            Hawaii                              Vancouver RT                        11

Apr 8 – Apr 23            P. Canal                           LA/Ft Lauderdale                  9

Apr 10 – May 15        HI,Tahiti, S. Pac            SydneyRT                                22

Apr 15 – Apr 25          Carib                                Ft Lauderdale RT                     5

Apr 17 – May 1           British Isles                  Houston/Liverpool                 12

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ByBill Belew

Her Husband Fell Off Cruise Ship on Honeymoon. Where’s She At?

The Quantum will offer many speaking opportunities.

The Quantum will offer many speaking opportunities.

10 years ago, George Smith IV fell off a cruise ship. Or so the story goes when told by his wife.

Says she. They were on their honeymoon. They were between Greece and Turkey.

He got drunk as a skunk. While smoking a cigar on the balcony, more than ashes went over the side.

He left a body-shaped blood stain on the canopy below, too. But we’re not sure how that happened.

Smith was 26 at the time.

Ten years later, the FBI has closed the case.

Jennifer has moved on. She remarried 4 years later. Has a kid. And she got a $1.1 million settlement from Royal Caribbean.

Meanwhile … Smith’s parents has offered $100K for information that would prove he was murdered. Arrest and conviction are in order.

There is a lot of other, ‘evidence.’

“A passenger in a neighboring room said he heard  men arguing on the Smiths’ balcony that night.

Another passenger claimed to hear furniture being moved.

Smith’s bride was later found passed out in a hallway.

The next morning passengers photographed a bloodstain on a lifeboat canopy beneath the couple’s balcony.”

And … there is a video going around that has a little bit too much bragging in it, “I told ya I was a gangsta.”

Meanwhile … in the Fantasy Bar you can hear today’s cruise ship lecturer talking, “Death at Sea… Mysteries Unsolved.”

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