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SpeakOnCruises.com is a resource for prospective cruise ship speakers. We believe that everyone is an expert at something. To gain free travel for you and your wife, partner, significant other, friend or relative, you will need to learn how to do it. This means not only the public speaking skills needed to deliver a quality presentation, but how to apply to be accepted as a cruise ship speaker.

Most lines entertain passengers with interesting guest speakers. These enrichment presentations range from a variety of topics such as world affairs, nature, history, marine biology or other topics. Skilled speakers who are seasoned travelers can give presentations about the port cities that the ship will be stopping at.

Many working and retired men and women have their sights on these positions. Competition is high. At SpeakOnCruises.com, we are veteran speakers and have developed a training program to teach individuals about the cruise ship industry and the demand for speakers. We have relations with the key placement agencies that are seeking top-notch talent.

We will work diligently to give you the knowledge and techniques to secure slots on ships. We are confident that you will learn all you need to get onboard the cruise of your choice. Subscribe to this website/blog to keep abreast of opportunities and our education program.

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