Two lessons I learned while on a recent cruise as a speaker.

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ByRick Deutsch

Two lessons I learned while on a recent cruise as a speaker.

1: Bring a small flashlight up to the podium. We talked about this in a blog eons ago. Reread my discussion of the Emergency (aka Pearl Harbor) Kit.  As I was setting up my laptop and other stuff, it was really dark up there except for a bright light on me. I could not see inside the shelves where the ship had its power strip. I fumbled around until the tech came in and plugged me in.

Then I could not even see the keys on the laptop.  My screen put a shadow on the keyboard so I could not see my function keys.  I guessed where the PowerPoint SLIDE SHOW pull-down was. I had to move way back to get some light on it. I could not see the slots to put in my slide clicker and power.

I brought my tiny LED light from then on.

2: I did not adhere to the cruise speaker’s RULE #1….get off the stage in 45 minutes.  Ooops.   I had a crowd of about 200 people and was lecturing on Aviation.  A super talk….well, since the CD told me I could go an hour…I did.  I even keep a small analog clock up there. However, the Activity Manager later reamed me out.  It was a bit unfair IMHO since the next speaker had 25-minutes to set up – whereas the guy before me gave me seven minutes.  Sigh.

alarm clock

Put an analog clock on the podium

So, do what I say – not as I do!  Here’s  my post on using a clock. I gave five more talks and got off after 45.

A tip that I  preach is to monitor your clock…with 10 mins to go…recognize if you might go over….then slowly wrap it up – even if you have many slides yet to go. The audience will not know. Plan not to have key points at the end.

So the old dog learned.  Contact us and join the fun. We are seeing dozens of our graduates land gigs  on a variety of ships.  You can too.


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ByRick Deutsch

What we learned from the Presidential debate


Not since Frazier-Ali have we seen such a battle

Round two of the Clinton-Trump debate is in the books. One more to go.

Well, if you want to call it a debate. More like a food fight.

As a speaker, what what did we learn?

Trump really had no details for anything. Other than “It was a disaster.” Got a topic? “It was a disaster.” The weather? “It was a disaster.” The last eclipse? “It was a disaster.” The lesson – don’t repeat a phrase ad-nauseum.

Here’s another lesson.   Answer the question. When you are asked a question at the end of your talk – answer it. Don’t digress all over the map to say something you are good at. Going around the mulberry bush and not getting to the point really irritates the person asking the question. On stage, you will get many questions. Don’t fake it. Don’t dodge the question.

How about this one. Don’t resort to a “stuff eating grin” with a fake smile. It is so transparent. Be honest and gives you away as a phony. Don’t be so into yourself that your facial expressions or body language gives you away. You can easily look condescending. Be real.

And finally, don’t go interrupting another. If you are on-stage as a speaker, you usually don’t have anyone to interrupt…so let’s just say that it’s a bad habit.  So use this one as a bonus observation.

There you have it. Enjoy the next QUOTE  Debate UNQUOTE.   Any comments??   Let ’em fire.

Oh and we can help you get a free cruise – just by speaking!

Carpe Diem – Seize the day.

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ByBill Belew

Learn What It Takes to Land a Speaking Gig on a Cruise Ship in 47 Minutes

We have prepared a video.

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