What we learned from the Presidential debate

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ByRick Deutsch

What we learned from the Presidential debate


Not since Frazier-Ali have we seen such a battle

Round two of the Clinton-Trump debate is in the books. One more to go.

Well, if you want to call it a debate. More like a food fight.

As a speaker, what what did we learn?

Trump really had no details for anything. Other than “It was a disaster.” Got a topic? “It was a disaster.” The weather? “It was a disaster.” The last eclipse? “It was a disaster.” The lesson – don’t repeat a phrase ad-nauseum.

Here’s another lesson.   Answer the question. When you are asked a question at the end of your talk – answer it. Don’t digress all over the map to say something you are good at. Going around the mulberry bush and not getting to the point really irritates the person asking the question. On stage, you will get many questions. Don’t fake it. Don’t dodge the question.

How about this one. Don’t resort to a “stuff eating grin” with a fake smile. It is so transparent. Be honest and gives you away as a phony. Don’t be so into yourself that your facial expressions or body language gives you away. You can easily look condescending. Be real.

And finally, don’t go interrupting another. If you are on-stage as a speaker, you usually don’t have anyone to interrupt…so let’s just say that it’s a bad habit.  So use this one as a bonus observation.

There you have it. Enjoy the next QUOTE  Debate UNQUOTE.   Any comments??   Let ’em fire.

Oh and we can help you get a free cruise – just by speaking!

Carpe Diem – Seize the day.

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ByBill Belew

Learn What It Takes to Land a Speaking Gig on a Cruise Ship in 47 Minutes

We have prepared a video.

It’s 47 minutes long.

When you are done watching you will know what it takes to get invited to speak on a cruise ship AND take your significant other when you go.

The cost – $47. A dollar a minute. Less than a meal for two and you can eat 3 meals a day for 2 for a week or longer … for FREE.


ByRick Deutsch

Learn to speak on cruises and see Silicon Valley

If you are a student of ours, or just an “I’ll think about” kind of person, we’re here to serve. We want a relationship and meet & greet folks regularly. In fact, we have given mini-tours of Silicon Valley area high tech points of interest to many.

if you are in the greater San Jose – San Francisco area, we’d be glad to talk to you about how YOU can get free cruises for two by lecturing.

Related: More info on our courtesy tours

Regardless, give us some notice and we’ll clear visitor privileges at our Corporate Headquarters and drive you around to see many of the innovative companies that fuel the techie needs of the world.

Apple Spaceship campus

The soon-to-be Apple Spaceship campus

Here’s one that we’d love to see in person – but it’s closed off by a 7-foot green fence —  the Apple “Spaceship” campus. It’s being built in Cupertino; a stone’s throw from their main buildings. We will take you by that and stop by the company store.

The best we can do for now is this drone fly-over video to show you the construction. It is right off Freeway I-280. It was Steve Jobs legacy project. I’d bet they call it the Steve Jobs Complex or such homage. It will hold 10,000 people. Let’s not even talk about the traffic mess. It’s an $80M project.

We also take folks to see Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Intel, HP and other sites depending on time. How about Jobs youth house and his final house? We hate “rush hour” so we’ll work out a schedule for when you are in town.

Oh yeah, it’s free. But we do like turkey sandwiches for lunch … hint hint.

Keep in touch.


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