The Titanic Replica still planning to exist; Clive Parker determined to build it.

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ByRick Deutsch

The Titanic Replica still planning to exist; Clive Parker determined to build it.

The Titanic Replica still planning to exist; Clive parker determined to build it.

Billionaire Clive Palmer has his heart set on building a replica of the famous White Star line “Titanic.” Then the world’s largest ship, she sank in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg. Ouch.

Clive Parker

Australia’s Clive Parker

We’ve talked about it before and each post tells of a delay.  Titanic II was advertised as sliding out of the shipyard in 2016. Well, it isn’t here yet. Now think 2018.

It will sail from Jiangsu, China—where the vessel is being built by Chinese shipyard CSC Jinling—to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Don’t worry, the new ship will meet all maritime regulations. This clone will be built with parts connected by welding not rivets.…the original used rivets. Many feel that inferior metal was used to get the ship launched on time.

READ MORE on the Titanic II

Here’s the stats: 2,400 passengers and 900 crew. It will be 886 feet long, 174 feet high and weigh over 44,000 tons. A nice sized ship by any measure.

The Blue Star Line is the name of the mother company – a take-off on the original White Star line. Clive is rich enough to pay for this.

I’m a fan of the Titanic. One of my free cruises took us to Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was the closest town to the disaster and accepted hundreds of bodies. Most of the survivors went on the New York, the original destination.

I give talks locally in the San Jose area. The Titanic is one of my most requested; but hesitate doing such on ships. A tip for emerging speakers, keep your topics fun so no one feels uncomfortable.

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ByRick Deutsch

Replica Titanic project in jeopardy – might not happen

Clive Palmer

Australia’s Clive Palmer

Word out of Australia is that Clive Palmer, the billionaire who announced plans to build a sailing replica of the Titanic, has run into financial straits.  It’s not directly related to the ship building effort. Rather, he is being sued for $66 million Aus in entitlements for workers fired from his Queensland Nickel refinery.

He is now involved in court proceedings. He has stated that he has had nothing to do with the plant. He has said the managing director, Clive Mensink, should be the one involved. Under his control, the company went bankrupt and then liquidation. Creditors were owed $300 Million Aus.

So the good ship Titanic 2 may not happen.  We’ve followed this effort from the beginning.  Get up to speed by checking out past blogs. Also, read about the Chinese project to also build one.

The design was water tested in Germany and Parker’s plan was initially to sail it from England to New York, but that plan changed to being berthed in Saudi Arabia. The break-keel date has slipped continuously. It was to be identical to the original, save for modern underpinnings…..and radars to look for icebergs! Tickets would be sold as in 1915 – First class, second class and steerage. Those down below would have to share restrooms.

Compounding the drama, he has told reporters that he is suffering from pancreatitis and had earlier undergone a gall bladder operation. My bet is that it won’t happen. Cuba is next on my list.

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ByRick Deutsch

Anniversary of Titanic sinking – it’s rusting away

Just a few days ago, the anniversary of the April 14, 1912, sinking of the first true luxury cruise ship, the RMS Titanic passed. It sank after colliding with a huge iceberg in the North Atlantic.

It slowly sank, sending 1,514 people died, to a water grave. About 300 survived.  As a result, maritime rules were immediately improved.  The number of lifeboats onboard was standard for the time.  Really?  Only 22? For over 2,000 PAX?   Turns out there had never been a large disaster at sea  like this…before, most incidents were small and usually other ships were in the area and the lifeboats could easily ferry passengers off.

Not that day.

One estimate has that iceberg over 200 ft tall.  We recently had a cruise to Antarctica – yes, they grow that large!

What’s been happening to the old boat since?  We all have seen the movie and a few “amusement” areas offer artifacts to view.  Clive Parker – the Aussie billionaire – still says he’s going to build a replica. We’ve been waiting years for the keel laying. The Chinese are moving forward with a Titanic of their own. It will not move.

Read more about Clive Parker’s plans

Rust is eating away at the ship. Entrepreneurs are clamoring to take “guests” down for a first hand look for mega-bucks.

Many want to leave it a cemetery. What do you think?

Send us a comment. First reply in wins a Tesla Model 3. Or not.

Bonus trivia – The RMS in RMS Titanic stands for Royal Mail Service.

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